Saturday, January 18, 2014

T.T Sila na....

wow.... It's official... SILA NA!!! tang ina... -.- I thought I'm already okay. BUT IM NOT!!!!!!

Isang araw pa masama pakiramdam ko kase wala I feel left out, regret something or wtf I don't know.. Maybe I just miss someone that i can talk to any time, openly and ready to listen to me.

Tiniis ko na di ka kausapin for a few weeks because of that stupid number game. But things are different now. You don't care any more.

I tried to talk to her last friday about what I feel and what I want pero di ko maisingit ehh tawa lang ako ng tawa kunware masaya haha baliw ko din ehh. And I feel you don't care na talaga. But ewan siguro nga di ko na daw kase kelangan sabihin. Then today is the most worst feeling ever. Ganito pala ang feeling. Confused right now.

Deym I dont know what to do now. Naiiyak ako... T.T I have nothing to expect now. Nothing to dream about. Just nothing. -.-

Just releasing my anger right now typing and talking to this blog instead of punching a stupid wall. hayyzz alam ko kaw lang din naman makakabasa neto if ever na buksan mo pa tong blog naten.

I know its my fault. I deserve this.

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