Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Treasure Box

My dad told me to clean up my things (abubot) I don't know why or what he is talking about. He gave me a box and I just ended up boxing our memories (biii). I miss you a lot. But for now I just need to shut up. I cant help it last night so I post something about "No one cares about me" on facebook cant help it. I have no one to talk or open up to.

Some may say "the painful part about ending a friendship is dealing with the memories..." but for me "Memories are what we hold onto when everything seems to be changing. Memories are a Gift time cannot wash away..."

This is a Gift, I am happy when we make this memories. I will treasure You, this, and our memories forever.

I cant say I am happy for you right now. I know my self it will take time. Just take care and I already ask God to guide you to your journey because I am not there anymore.

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