Tuesday, September 4, 2012

. .flashbacks Ü and the A-Z of ME..Ü

I found this at multiply of my babe. hehehe and it dated Jul 8, '09 6:43 AM
Wala lang i just want to post it.. kasi mawawala na multiply so sayang memories ng baby ko.. hahah :p

. .flashbacks Ü

• id describe my old style as:
- nothing special. .i was always dressed down in a loose shirt and shorts.my friends said i looked like a boy. .

• i was insecure about:
- being too thin. .i was always teased by my sister for being lampayatot. .

• but i realized that:
- i shouldn't dwell on the opinion of others. .i learned to love myself as i
am. .

• my favorite outfit when i was in high school was:
- jeans, simple tee and a pair o sandals. .

• my biggest fashion boo-boo:
- skinny jeans pairing louded printed tops. .Ü

• i am addicted to buying:
- cute designed tees, shorts, shoes and bags. .

• the one i dont have in closet is:
- gowns and cocktails. .haha!!

• my favorite shopping spots are:
- SM Dept. store, landmark, particles, tiangge. .i love finding unique items that are inexpensive. .

• my fashion advice:
- learn how to dress well. .know what's better and really fits for you. .
be confident! Ü

the A-Z of ME..Ü

A *accesories. .
" im not used to to buy accesories for myself.i think simple fashion can make me better. ."

B *bestfriends. .
" one of the things i treasured most. .Ü "

C *college life. .
" fun and full of excitement.so many unforgettable happenings especially with friends. .but sometimes, it's so stressful. ."

D *daddy. .
" well. .haha!.not to mention but, i missed him. ."

E * eating. .
" i love eating! specially pats, cakes and icecreams. .i dont care for my figure just to have them. ."

F *france. .
" ive been dreaming of to go in france. .(paris, france)
hai. . "

G *goal. .
" my dream goal ofcourse is to finish my studied, study abroad and becoma a world class animator. ."

H *habby. .
" i love eating.haha!. .it makes me happy and relieved my sadness away. .
i also do drawings, paintings and web designing. .it's fun to use your creativity. ."

I *inspiration. .
" friends and family. ."

J *japan. .
"i love their movies, series and even j-pops. .haha!!
ive been addicted to it. ."

K *kriiissss. .
" i hate that name!!!. .waaah!!.haha!! "

L *lovelife. .
" hmm, i dont have it now. .im searching for new one who won't even break my heart. ."

M *money. .
" my biggest problem now is how to earn money all by myself.haha!! "

N *nineteen. .
" the unforgetable date of my life. ."

O *old friends. .
" i miss them. .can't wait to have great bonding with them again. ."

P *pets. .
" i have 2 cats named jarred and jandi and a dog named nigel .
they are my playmates whem i'n alone.haha!! "

Q *quiet place. .
" for me is in my room. .so peaceful.no bothering thing around. ."

R *rainy days. .
" i love rainy days. .it's so calm and cold. .having nice time to sleep.haha!! "

S *sister. .
" i love my sister. .eventhough we fight everyday. ."

T *trust. .
" i can the person whom ive been trusted of. .
( i trust you is better compliment than i love you) "

U *unfrogattable moments. .
" everytime that i was with him (19). ."

V *violet. .
" im loving violet now. .looking for violet stuffs is noe my target.haha!!
violet looks good. ."

W *winnie the pooh. .
" my all time favorite cartoon character. .haha!.collecting poos items is one of my extravagance. ."

X *x-bf's. .
" well, one of my ex that i really loved most is 19. .but unfortunately, we broke up with some reasons. .hai. ."

Y *yes. .
" the word that i can't tell of. .it needs more time to think before i deliver the word. .yes has a negative and positive meaning. ."

Z *zoo. .
" i've never been in zoo for all of my life.haha!!. .how poor i am! ;p

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